SEAN KOCH is coming to the Hogsback Festival of Trees

10987634_10205948435607484_7063743789194496836_nIf you haven’t heard the music of Sean Koch, take a listen on SoundCloud

Sean is a young, talented musician and songwriter, born in Kommetjie, Cape Town. His music is a fusion of alternative folk, naturally blended into a foot- tapping, fun-loving country surf style. Playing the djembe from an early age taught him the rhythm and beat which subtly speaks through his smooth guitar riffs and softly sung lyrics and it is this fresh and individual sound which has garnered him a rapid breakthrough into the incredibly rich and diverse Cape Town music scene.

We are super amped to have Sean at this year’s Hogsback Festival of Trees. His energy and music are uplifting and inspiring.

If you want to read more about Sean, here is a great article by Brett Shearer here.

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